This site is intended to be a resource for beginning and intermediate level guitarists.

As the name says, the focus here is on guitar chords. There are, of course, many other aspects required to become a well rounded player, but chords are a very good place to start. Not least because even if you have only a handful of the basic chords under your belt there is a wealth of material you will be able to play.

On the site you will find sections on the first, basic chords you need to learn and some more advanced matters such as movable bar chords plus a little chord theory if you wish to delve into that.

There are a few extras here too, including hints and tips for playing and some ideas for further learning.

There is also a comprehensive chord archive on the site, useful if you just want to look up a chord you may not be familiar with. This includes alternative fingerings for each chord. A download version of the chord archive on PDF is available here.

We hope you enjoy looking around the site and find it useful in your musical endeavours!

How to read the chord diagrams on this site

Example chord diagramDiagram of hand with finger numbers

Above is an example of the chord diagrams you will find on the rest of  Guitar Chords World.  The frets are numbered from top to bottom and the strings left to right,  starting with the 6th string (the thickest string at the top when you hold the guitar) descending to the 1st string  (the thinnest.) The string numbers  are marked in this example for reference.

The black dots on the diagram indicate where you should place your fingers and the white numbers refer the fingers you should use as marked in the diagram of the hand. An X above a string means that string should not be played but an O means that the open string should be included when playing the chord.