More Chords

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Here are some examples of more advanced chords – both barred and open. 7th chords can be found in many different genres of music and are very common in blues. Other types of ‘extended’ chords (the ones with numbers in the name,) as well as augmented and diminished chords, are used a lot in jazz.  Keep in mind that there are usually a few ways of playing any one chord – check out the Chord Archive to see examples of chord position variations.

A major 7 chord diagramB minor 7 chord diagramC 6 chord diagramD minor 6 chord diagramE 6 add 9 chord diagramF 9 chord diagramG minor 9 chord diagramA sharp B flat major 9 chord diagramC sharp D flat augmented chord diagramD sharp E flat diminished chord diagramF sharp G flat minor 7 flat 5 chord diagramG sharp A flat suspended 4 chord diagram